Attack the Block director Joe Cornish announces fantastical follow-up, The Kid Who Would Be King

Patrick Stewart will co-star as the wizard Merlin, a character he somehow hasn't played yet

The 2011 sci-fi actioner Attack the Block proved to be one of the year’s biggest surprises, not to mention a launching pad for the likes Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ John Boyega and soon-to-be Doctor Who lead Jodie Whittaker. Since then, writer/director Joe Cornish helped write Ant-Man and worked to develop several projects that have yet to surface, but failed to provide a directorial follow-up.

That’s changed now, as Cornish has announced his next project. Empire confirms that it’s called The Kid Who Would Be King and that it will center around a 12-year-old who happens upon the legendary Excalibur and must use it to take down medieval villainess Morgana. We’re betting it’ll be better than A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.

Patrick Stewart is set to play Merlin in the film, while Rebecca Ferguson co-stars as Morgana. The cast will mostly be comprised of kids, however, with Louis Serkis (son of Andy!) leading a pack that includes Dean Chaumoo, Rhianna Doris, and The Dark Tower’s Tom Taylor.

As of now, 20th Century Fox plans to drop the film on September 28th, 2018.


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