Cartman parodies Logic’s “1-800-273-8255″ on South Park: Watch

The VMAs-inspired performance included a black hoodie and closing monologue

Last week’s season 21 premiere of South Park featured a parody of Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.”. On this week’s episode, Trey Parker and Matt Stone spoofed another hip-hop chart-topper in the form of Logic’s “1-800-273-8255″.

Spoiler: In the episode, Cartman seeks to raise awareness about suicide prevention after he threatens to take his own life unless his girlfriend Heidi agrees to get back together with him. As often the case with Cartman, however, has has ulterior motives, as he seeks to outshine the distracted driver awareness week already taking place at his school. No doubt inspired by Logic’s recent performance at the VMAs, he dons a black hoodie and stages a performance in the middle of school, spiting rhymes about mental health and depression (“I can’t go on/ What is living for? My heart screams I don’t wanna live no more”), but with a Cartman-centric twist (“Eric, we don’t want you to die/ Eric, give life a try” goes the chorus.)

Later in the episode, Cartman again references Logic’s VMA performance when he asks PC Principal for an orchestra, a black choir wearing white shirts, a white choir wearing black shirts, and doves that he can release following his performance.

The episode culminates with his classmates coming together to sing another pressing issue: the president’s incessant tweeting and the danger it presents. “Put it down, don’t be on your phone while being president,” they sing. But even then, Cartman can’t help but making it about himself as he eventually crashes the performance to reprise his anti-suicide rap.

Watch two notable clips below, and read our full recap of last night’s episode here.


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