David Gilmour releases Live at Pompeii concert album: Stream

Coinciding with his new concert film of the same name

Today, David Gilmour has released David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii, a feature film documenting the Pink Floyd member’s special two-night concert event in 2016. He’s also shared a concert album containing audio from the shows; Apple Music and Spotify subscribers can stream the full LP below.

Gilmour’s performance served as a follow-up to Pink Floyd’s 1971 concert at the ancient Roman amphitheatre of Pompeii, Italy, the footage for which was heavily featured in the band’s legendary Live in Pompeii concert film. This time around, however, he played to thousands of fans in attendance rather than an empty arena.

The feature film was directed by filmmaker Gavin Elder and includes footage from both the July 7th and July 8th concerts. Gilmour performed tracks from his last two solo albums, 2006’s On an Island and 2015’s Rattle That Lock, as well as a rare solo performance of The Dark Side of the Moon cut “The Great Gig in the Sky”.

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“It’s a place of ghosts and I couldn’t help but think of playing there … it’s a sense of revisiting history,” Gilmour told Rolling Stone of the concert. “What I like to do is to play in beautiful places where people have a sense of the majesty of the building that is being performed in and that will add to the memories they take away and retain thereafter.”

Physical copies of David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii are available at Gilmour’s official website in Blu-ray, DVD, vinyl, and CD bundles. T-shirts, an official movie poster, and a coffee mug are also available.

David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii Artwork:

David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii Tracklist:
01. 5 A.M. (Live at Pompeii 2016)
02. Rattle That Lock (Live at Pompeii 2016)
03. Faces of Stone (Live at Pompeii 2016)
04. What Do You Want from Me (Live at Pompeii 2016)
05. The Blue (Live at Pompeii 2016)
06. The Great Gig in the Sky (Live at Pompeii 2016)
07. A Boat Lies Waiting (Live at Pompeii 2016)
08. Wish You Were Here (Live at Pompeii 2016)
09. Money (Live at Pompeii 2016)
10. In Any Tongue (Live at Pompeii 2016)
11. High Hopes (Live at Pompeii 2016)
12. One of These Days (Live at Pompeii 2016)
13. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5 (Live at Pompeii 2016)
14. Fat Old Sun (Live at Pompeii 2016)
15. Coming Back to Life (Live at Pompeii 2016)
16. On an Island (Live at Pompeii 2016)
17. Today (Live at Pompeii 2016)
18. Sorrow (Live at Pompeii 2016)
19. Run Like Hell (Live at Pompeii 2016)
20. Time / Breathe (In the Air) [Reprise] [Live at Pompeii 2016]
21. Comfortably Numb (Live at Pompeii 2016)


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