David Lynch turned down Nine Inch Nails’ song for Twin Peaks, because it wasn’t “aggressive and ugly” enough

Instead, Lynch wanted a song to "make my hair stand on end"

During the eighth episode of Twin Peaks: The Return, Nine Inch Nails appeared for a haunting performance of “She’s Gone Away” from their 2016 EP, Not the Actual Events, at the Roadhouse. It turns out the heavy track wasn’t the band’s first choice, however, as showrunner David Lynch rejected their original submission.

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During a recent interview on Chicago’s 101WKQX, Trent Reznor shared the song was created specifically for the show before revealing why Lynch turned down their first pitch. “We wrote a different song initially, and [Lynch] said, ‘How about something less “Twin Peaks”-y sounding, and more aggressive and ugly,'” Reznor said. Atticus Ross added that Lynch said he wanted a song to “make my hair stand on end.”

“[It was] a complete honor to be involved,” Reznor said about the experience. “Lynch has always been a hero of mine. I was thrilled to learn that he was gonna put the effort in and bring Twin Peaks [back] and do it in the style that he did. I was thrilled to see what it became because we didn’t know any more than anybody else. We filmed our bit… a few months later he said you want to come by my house and check out your footage.”

Check out the round-up of our very own Kelly McClure’s Twin Peaks: The Return recaps here. Nine Inch Nails released their Add Violence EP in July; Reznor and Ross most recently scored Ken Burns’ epic, The Vietnam War.

Find a YouTube clip of the band’s appearance below. Do be advised there’s a bit of a spoiler at the end.


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