DOOM revives Viktor Vaughn alias on new song “Notebook 05”: Stream

After a four-year absence, Viktor Vaughn is alive and kickin'

As part of his 15-week project, The Missing Notebook Rhymes, rap legend DOOM has been gifting his fans with a new song every seven days. Each is “considered a ‘notebook’ from a series consisting of music from his own upcoming albums as well as singles he is featured on,” according to a press release.

Already we’ve heard a handful of these “notebooks,” such as the aptly titled “Notebook — 03” and “Notebook — 04”. Other previews include “Doomsayer” and “True Lightyears”, which saw the long-awaited revival of DOOM’s KMD outfit. Now, DOOM is back with another song, “Notebook 05”, issued under his Viktor Vaughn name. It’s the MC’s first track under this alias since 2013, when he linked up with Captain Murphy (aka Flying Lotus), Earl Sweatshirt, and Thundercat on “Between Villains”.

Hear it below via Adult Swim.

DOOM has two Viktor Vaughn albums under his belt, 2003’s Vaudeville Villain and Venomous Villain from 2004. In addition to Notebook Rhymes, DOOM recently announced a new collaborative record with Westside Gunn.


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