Eddie Vedder busks with street musicians outside of Wrigley Field in Chicago: Watch

The Pearl Jam frontman leads epic jam of "Corduroy"

Although Pearl Jam famously hails from the Pacific Northwest, Eddie Vedder is a proud son of the Windy City, and like most Chicagoans, his heart belongs to the Chicago Cubs. The diehard fan has a long history with the ballclub: singing during the seventh inning stretch, supporting the team through last year’s World Series run or filming Pearl Jam’s upcoming concert film Let’s Play Two (named after a famous saying by Mr. Cub Ernie Banks) at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field—the guy loves his Cubbies. Friday night another chapter of the love affair was written, as Eddie ran into some musicians busking outside of the stadium and decided to hop on guitar with them and start jamming. The man born Edward Louis Severson III joined in on a jam centered about Pearl Jam’s “Corduroy”, and one has to imagine the two buskers tip bucket got some extra love on this evening.

Update: As Relix points out, Vedder was again seen busking outside Wrigley on Sunday. This time, he performed drums.



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