Edgar Wright directs Sky Ferreira’s video for “Easy”: Watch

The Commodores cover comes from Wright's indie summer smash Baby Driver

Sky Ferreira has taken direction from Edgar Wright before, as she played the title character’s mother in this summer’s Baby Driver. It makes sense, then, that the synthpop starlet would once again be taking the indie director’s cues for the video for her contribution to the film’s soundtrack, “Easy”.

A cover of The Commodores’ classic, the track was produced by Nigel Godrich. The video simply features footage of Ferreira in the studio spliced together with scenes from Baby Driver. Check it out above. The other single from the Baby Driver OST –Danger Mouse, Big Boi, and Run the Jewels collaborative track “Chase Me” — also got a video back in June. The entire thing can be streamed here, or below.


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