Four Tet previews new album with “Scientists”: Stream

The UK producer's Morning/Evening follow-up arrives in just a few weeks

Yesterday, Four Tet revealed that a new album, New Energy, would be out on the shelves September 29th. Less than 24 hours later, the DJ/producer born Kieren Hebden has unboxed one of the LP’s songs.

Titled “Scientists” (no relation to Coldplay), it’s an ambient patchwork of fidgety synths. Later, Four Tet nimbly folds in swirling vocal samples and some rich sax. Hear it below.

“Scientists” follows the previously released tracks, “Two Thousand and Seventeen”“Planet”, and “SW9 9SL”.

New Energy Tracklist:
01. Alap
02. Two Thousand and Seventeen
03. LA Trance
04. Tremper
05. Lush
06. Scientists
07. Falls 2
08. You Are Loved
09. SW9 9SL
10. 10 Midi
11. Memories
12. Daughter
13. Gentle Soul
14. Planet


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