Jordan Peele looking to kick some Nazi ass in new TV series The Hunt

The Get Out filmmaker is developing a new series about '70s-era Nazi hunters

Jordan Peele has been a hot commodity since his directorial debut, Get Out, scored big with audiences and critics earlier this year. He’s since teamed up with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions to produce an HBO horror drama and will also join Spike Lee in telling the story of an African-American police officer who infiltrated the KKK. Now, in keeping with his interest in American race relations, he’s working to develop a new series about Nazi hunters in the 1970s.

Called The Hunt, it follows “a diverse band of Nazi hunters in 1970s America as they set out on a quest for revenge and justice — tracking and killing hundreds of Nazis who, with the unconscionable help of the U.S. government, escaped justice and embedded themselves in American society.” It’s being developed as part of Peele’s first-look deal with Sonar Entertainment, who will produce the series alongside Peele’s own Monkeypaw Productions.

Like all of Peele’s work, the piece is clearly inspired by current events. According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources say the potential series began circulating in the wake of the neo-Nazi protest in Charlottesville, though it was also probably inspired by the national debate as to whether or not it’s okay to punch a Nazi. It’s safe to say Peele is of the opinion it is.

A network is not yet attached, but the word is people are very interested.



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