Kevin Gates releases new mixtape, By Any Means 2: Stream/download

Baton Rouge rapper's first release since being incarcerated is a sequel to his 2014 mixtape, By Any Means

Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates has been in prison since October of last year, initially for kicking a woman in the face at a show in 2015. As he was about to be released, police found an outstanding warrant for a 2013 weapons charge, and he was reincarnated for another 30 months. Though his career was put on hold from 2008 to 2011 when he was in jail the last time, he’s not saying silent during this stint, as he’s today released his new mixtape, By Any Means 2.

The 14-track effort is a sequel to his 2014 mixtape, By Any Means, and was entirely curated by Gates’ wife, Dreka Gates. It appears the collection features old recordings that Dreka has pieced together for the fresh release, including singles “What If”, “Had To”, and “Beautiful Scars”.  “He’s fully entrusted me w/ everything so there’s a lot of pressure!” Mrs. Gates wrote on Twitter. “I respect real artists and their artistry and to be making ALL of the decisions is scary but rest assured the music is always fire as F!”

Take a listen to the entire thing below.

By Any Means 2 Artwork:

By Any Means 2 Tracklist:
01. No Love
02. McGyver
03. Had To
04. Fuckin Right
05. Beautiful Scars (Feat. PnB Rock)
06. Attention
07. GOMD
08. Do U Down
09. What If
10. Came Up
11. Imagine That
12. No Trust
13. Jus Wanna
14. Why I


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