Larry David talks Curb Your Enthusiasm comeback on Kimmel: Watch

He also talked about his baldness and hating animals as much as people

October 1st marks the triumphant return of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Yesterday, we got a sneak peek at the upcoming ninth season via a new trailer. Mere hours later, the HBO series’ mastermind Larry David talked further about the show’s comeback during a rare late-night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

David explained that although his TV character hasn’t changed much since the last season, which aired back in 2011, the way people address him has. “Every show someone’s yelling, cursing, everything. You know, you usually, it’s, ‘You bald bastard,’ things like that. Now, it’s ‘old bastard’.”

“The ‘bald bastard’ used to make me laugh,” he continued. “But the ‘old bastard’ I didn’t like that at all… “Boy, do I miss being called bald!” Later he added, “I’m proud of myself for the way I accepted my baldness. I am. I’m proud of myself. It’s the only demonstration of character I’ve ever displayed in my life.”

When asked why he chose to revive Curb, David offered up a vague response. “I don’t see how that’s any of your business, I really don’t,” David replied, “I think it’s a personal question.” In a moment of honesty, he said that he “kinda missed it.”

Elsewhere, he told host Jimmy Kimmel about his best and worst qualities. “Not good in hospitals,” admitted David. “Terrible visitor, because I can’t hide the pity. They see through the pity. If they didn’t know they were dying before I got there, they know once they look at my face.” There was also a segment in which he stated that he hates animals as much as humans, and later he runs away from a wild bobcat. Go figure.

Watch “the best and worst qualities” part up above. Below, find more clips.


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