Maggie Rogers shares new song and video “Split Stones”: Stream

Released as part of a promo campaign for The North Face, you'll have to move about in order to hear the new track featuring samples from the Oregon wilderness

Maggie Rogers has teamed with The North Face to release her newest track, “Split Stones”. The single comes as part of the outdoors company’s ad campaign for its latest heat-release jacket, Ventrix, and you’ll need to put in some work in order to hear it.

Fans can go to the (lazily named) Release Project website on their mobile devices to access the song. In order to reveal the entire thing, you’ll have to move with your device for about 35 seconds as you peel back “layers” of the track. Dance around for a bit and you’ll get vocals; take a bit of a jog and the drums will come in, and so on. (Really and unsurprisingly, you can just shake your phone for a bit and the effect is the same.)

There’s a pretty flimsy relationship between the act of unlocking the song and the idea of a jacket built for heightened activity, but at least “Split Stones” itself has an outdoorsy connection. As Rogers said in a statement,

“I took the first sound samples for ‘Split Stones’ on a month-long backpacking trip in Oregon during the summer of 2013; I’ve been collecting samples and piecing the song together in bedroom studios and trails ever since. I’m super excited about combining the two things I love – technology and the environment – to create a way that people can hear the song, but also feel a little bit a part of the action and process that inspired it.”

“Split Stones” will be officially released tomorrow (September 20th) and can be heard in the commercial for Ventrix below. Update: You can now stream the song in full via its official music video.


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