Michelle Obama reveals her favorite song off Beyoncé’s Lemonade

And no, it's actually not "Formation"

During a talk at a marketing/sales conference in Boston earlier today, Michelle Obama discussed serious matters such as her time spent in the White House, President Trump, and Congress’ battle over healthcare. As Complex points out, the former first lady also divulged a Pretty Major Pop Culture Opinion: She revealed her favorite song on Beyoncé’s masterpiece album Lemonade.

When asked by Q&A interviewer author Roxanne Gay, Obama’s initial response was “all of them.” While I can totally relate, Obama eventually narrowed down her answer, finally admitting “Love Drought” to be the track she just can’t get enough of. With hopeful, romantic lyrics like “Cause you… you and me could move a mountain/ You… you and me could calm a war,” it should come as no surprise the big-hearted Chicagoan has it stuck on repeat.

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Fans might’ve guessed “Formation” to be her top choice, especially after Obama took “Formation”-themed photographs to celebrate Queen Bey’s birthday earlier this month. But that moving gift speaks to Obama and the pop singer’s ever-growing friendship more than anything else probably. As you might recall, the two BFFs have done nothing but praise and support one another over the years — they’ve each cited one another as “role models”, Bey campaigned on behalf of Obama’s #62MillionGirls global education project, and during her Carpool Karaoke episode, Obama sang along to “Single Ladies”.

Revisit “Love Drought” below, followed by a pair of tweets praising Obama’s Lemonade pick.



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