New Order and Peter Hook settle long running royalties dispute

Multi-million dollar lawsuit has reached "full and final settlement"

Back in 2015, Peter Hook filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against his former New Order bandmates in a dispute over royalties. The bassist claimed that after the group set up a new licensing company in 2011, he lost out on more than $3.5 million. Today, the band has announced the legal battle has come to a close.

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“New Order announce that today, a full and final settlement has been reached in the long running disputes with their former bassist Peter Hook,” the group shared in a statement. “The Joy Division and New Order names mean a great deal to so many of the fans, and the band felt it important to protect the legacy. With these issues now dealt with, Bernard, Stephen and Gillian can continue to do what they do best, make music and perform live.”

No further details are available at this time, but chances are both parties met somewhere in the middle. When the lawsuit was filed, Hook said he was a 25% shareholder and received 12.5% in royalties and other income from merchandising and performances as a member of New Order’s original Vitalturn Company Ltd. In contrast, he claimed to receive only 1.25% from New Order Ltd. For their part, New Order clarified Hook still receives his full share of back royalties and the 1.25% only applies to work without him since 2011.

The current iteration of New Order played one of the best sets at Chicago’s Riot Fest this past weekend. Their most recent release was the excellent Music Complete. Meanwhile, Hook and The Light are currently on the road playing New Order and Joy Division’s respective Substance albums in their entirety.

Update: In a statement, Hook says, “Myanmar, Mexico City and closer to home the recent events in Manchester, London and other cities. That is what is important. Thank you all for the love and support I have received. My comment is to read the reactions of the people who matter most…..the fans.”


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