Peter Murphy to reunite with original Bauhaus bassist David J during San Francisco residency

David J will join Murphy for three nights to deliver a number of Bauhaus classics

Earlier this year, BauhausPeter Murphy announced a 15-night residency at San Francisco’s The Chapel that would span the Godfather of Goth’s entire career, resulting in a “retrospective of his greatest solo albums in their entirety.” Unfortunately, issues with Murphy’s vocal cords forced him to postpone the shows until January and February of 2018.

It was a bummer, but there’s plenty of good news. For one, Murphy’s all healed up, meaning the January shows are definitely on. Also, Bauhaus founding bassist David John Haskins (or David J, as we all know him) will be joining Murphy for three nights of the residency. The “Mr. Moonlight” shows will feature a night of Bauhaus classics; initially there were only two, but a third has been added with the announcement of David J’s involvement.

“It’s with great feeling of gladness to announce that for the three Mr Moonlight Bauhaus shows on February 14th, 15th and 16th that David J has accepted my invitation to join me in performing and play his, what must be said; excellent original bass parts,” Murphy says in a press release. “During the 35 years of Bauhaus Mr. Moonlight tour of 2013, Emilio DiZefalo-China (my bass player and Violin player) noted how unique David’s bass parts are – now we have David in person to play. It is obviously going to be a great pleasure personally to have David to my right in these shows. See you there, ‘let them know you’re coming!’”

David J also offered a statement. “I’m very pleased to have received Peter’s gracious invitation to take part in these upcoming festivities. Looking forward to rekindling the flickering flame.”

Murphy also shared a video updating fans on his condition. “My throat’s fine. I can sing,” he says. “The nodules that they removed have been transferred to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to be framed.”

Watch the video and view the residency’s full list of performances below.

Peter Murphy Residency at The Chapel:
01/23 – Should the World Fail to Fall Apart
01/24 – Should the World Fail to Fall Apart
01/26 – Love Hysteria
01/27 – Love Hysteria
01/28 – Love Hysteria
01/31 – Deep
02/02 – Deep
02/03 – Deep
02/04 – Holy Smoke
02/07 – Cascade
02/09 – Dust
02/10 – Ninth
02/11 – Stripped
02/14 – Mr. Moonlight (Bauhaus Classics) feat. David J
02/15 – Mr. Moonlight (Bauhaus Classics) feat. David J
02/16 – Mr. Moonlight (Bauhaus Classics) feat. David J


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