Plunge deeper into the gorgeous world of Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water: Watch the new trailer

Michael Shannon melts down and the monster gets mean in latest clip

Guillermo del Toro’s eerie, waterlogged fantasia The Shape of Water is currently drawing waves at the Toronto International Film Festival, and its new trailer shows some more hints as to why.

Following the film’s first trailer, which introduced an intriguing ensemble and the movie’s whimsical period finery, this latest clip focuses more on the central conflict between Michael Shannon’s government heavy and our protagonist, the delicate yet savvy Elisa (Sally Hawkins), who conspires to free the film’s central creature from its underwater prison. We also see a new side to that creature, one that’s not as friendly as what we’ve heretofore seen. Watch it above.

The Shape of Water also stars Octavia SpencerMichael Stuhlbarg, and Richard Jenkins. It swims into theaters on December 8th.


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