Professional clowns to rally outside New York City movie theater in protest of It

The proliferation of scary clown imagery is apparently not good for business

We’re very, very happy about the critical and commercial success of Andy Muschietti’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s It, but not everybody is celebrating.

Professional clown John Nelson of New York City’s Clowns in Town told News 4 New York that his business has taken a big hit since the film began pervading pop culture, leading to several cancellations. Now, he and a group of New York clowns plan to rally outside the Union Square Regal Cinema on Thursday.

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“Last week, my partner and I had six cancellations of birthday parties,” he said. “I have heard from reports from other clowns, in New York and other cities, that they have been canceled as well.”

About the rally, he says, “Our hope is to raise enough awareness so when people think of clowns they won’t think of scary murderers but people who dedicate their lives to bringing joy.”

Not all clowns are mad, though. Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse recently hosted a wild and terrifying “all-clown screening” of the movie.

Hopefully Nelson and his crew won’t be in character, as a gang of protesting clowns sounds a helluva lot scarier than anything you’d see in a movie.

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