The The announce Radio Cineola: Trilogy box set, first tour dates in 16 years

Plus, a new documentary centered around the band's Matt Johnson's Radio Cineola web broadcasts

This past April, The The returned with their first single in 15 years, the Johnny Marr-assisted “We Can’t Stop What’s Coming”. Turns out the English post-punk outfit’s comeback entails so much more: The The are prepping a three-disc box set, a new documentary, and their first concerts in nearly two decades.

Due out October 20th, the Radio Cineola: Trilogy box set features the new single, poetry, and various interpretations of the band’s work. It also includes material from Radio Cineola, the web broadcast hosted by The The mastermind Matt Johnson. A press release elaborates:

The End Of The Day contains interpretations of a selection of THE THE songs from singers across the globe and includes THE THE’s recent single We Can’t Stop What’s Coming. The second, The Inertia Variations, features Matt Johnson narrating John Tottenham’s epic poetic cycle on the subjects of work, avoidance, procrastination and the wasting of time over an atmospheric soundtrack and the final disc, Midnight To Midnight includes interviews and soundscapes taken from Johnson’s 12-hour UK Election Day Radio Cineola shortwave broadcast plus the electronic score from The Inertia Variations documentary.”

The The’s documentary, titled The Inertia Variations, is also centered around Johnson’s Radio Cineola broadcasts. Scheduled for an October 20th London premiere at the ICA, it’s described thusly:

“The 84-minute documentary, inspired by the poem of the same name by British-born, Los Angeles based poet John Tottenham, is centered around the Radio Cineola broadcast and within the film, through recitations of John Tottenham’s poetry, Matt Johnson examines his sometimes troubled relationship with celebrity and the creative process and, through the tragic deaths of his mother and two of his brothers, how bereavement has informed his work and outlook.”

Finally, The The have lined up a pair of concerts for 2018 — their first in 16 years. In June, the band is set to perform at the Eskegov Castle in Denmark and the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Below, check out pics of the box set, trailers for both the box set and documentary, and The The’s upcoming tour dates.

The The 2018 Tour Dates: 
06/01 – Egeskov Castle, DK @ Heartland Festival
06/05 – London, UK @ Royal Albert Hall


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