Torres shares video for intense new single “Helen in the Woods”: Watch

Visuals for the latest Three Futures single were shot entirely on 16mm film and using only in-camera effects

Torres is set to release her latest album, Three Futures, on September 29th via 4AD. The follow-up to 2015’s Sprinter was previously previewed with “Skim” and the title track; today, Mackenzie Scott has shared the video for the latest single off her new project, “Helen in the Woods”.

The track itself started as an acoustic folk song before warping into the intense, driven grinder that it is in its final form. Scott told W Magazine that the lyrics are “loosely based” on a friend’s personal experience with a stalker. “A really scary man is the stereotypical stalker story, but in this case it was flipped and it was a woman,” she said. “I wanted to write a song about obsession; there’s that fine line between innocent obsession and then, you know, stalker territory, which I’m kind of constantly flirting with in my own life.”

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For the visuals, Scott re-teamed with Ashley Connor, who also helmed the “Skim” and “Three Futures” videos. This time around, she took Scott into the woods of Highlands, North Carolina with nothing but some 16mm film and a good bit of camera trickery. In a press release, Conor said she wanted to capture “something that felt like your face melting off in the woods.” Shot with only in-camera effects, the video borders on a horror thriller with its constantly shifting angles and Scott’s deranged expressions. Check it out up above.


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