What is going on with Thom Yorke’s pants?

It's Hammer Time

Radiohead and Hans Zimmer collaborated on a new version of “Bloom” to serve as the soundtrack to BBC’s Blue Planet II. The track premiered earlier today, and as part of the big reveal, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood joined Zimmer for a filmed interview. They spoke passionately about the collaboration and how they hope it brings awareness to environmental causes. Because if we aren’t careful, life on Earth could end up extinct… sort of like MC Hammer’s career. That had to be what Yorke was thinking when he got dressed for the interview, because I can’t think of any other rational conclusion to wear parachute pants in 2017. But, hey, he’s the frontman of Radiohead and I’m just some schmuck on a laptop, so what do I know?


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