Wolf Parade unveil reunion album Cry Cry Cry: Stream

Canadian indie rockers' first LP since 2010 is finally here

Photo by Shane McCauley

Wolf Parade are set to return with their reunion album, Cry Cry Cry, on October 6th through Sub Pop. In anticipation, the entire LP is streaming on NPR. Update: It’s now streaming below via Apple Music and Spotify.

Cry Cry Cry is the fourth full-length for the Canadian indie rockers and the first in seven years. The Expo follow-up was produced by John Goodmanson (Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney) and recorded at Robert Lang Studios outside of Seattle. While Wolf Parade regard its predecessor as a “real rock record,” this new one “is more deliberate in its arrangements and embrace of the studio process.”

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“The band itself is almost a fifth member of the band, something more or at least different than the sum of its parts,” added Spencer Krug. “We don’t know who or what is responsible for our sound, it’s just something that naturally and consistently comes from this particular combo of musicians.”

The LP was teased early with singles “Valley Boy” and “You’re Dreaming”. In support, Wolf Parade will be touring for the next few months, including dates alongside Charly Bliss.

Cry Cry Cry Artwork:

Cry Cry Cry Tracklist:
01. Lazarus Online
02. You’re Dreaming
03. Valley Boy
04. Incantation
05. Files on the Sun
06. Baby Blue
07. Weaponized
08. Who Are Ya
09. Am I an Alien Here
10. Artificial Life
11. King of Piss and Paper


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