Wolves in the Throne Room unveil new song “Mother Owl, Father Ocean”: Stream

An ambient companion piece to the group's previous track "Angrboda"

Thrice Woven is the upcoming album Wolves in the Throne Room, due to arrive in stores later this month. The follow-up to 2014’s Celestite was previously teased with “Born from the Serpents’ Eye” and the Adult Swim-released “Angrboda”. Today, a third song in “Mother Owl, Father Ocean” has been unboxed. 

Serving as a companion track to “Angrboda”, it also features guest vocals from Anna von Hausswolff, a Norwegian singer who lends a bit of softness and quiet mystique to Wolves in the Throne Room’s otherwise pounding black metal. Hear it down below (it’s the second song in the stream).

“Making music with Anna Von Hausswolff was a true gift,” the band notes in a press statement. “When I close my eyes and listen to Anna’s Voice I see the cold grey oceans of the north. It reminds me of the saltwater near my beloved home, and the cold oceans everywhere. Hail to the Icy Waters of this Earth! Hail Anna!”

Thrice Woven arrives September 22nd; the group is slated to launch a US tour a week later.

Thrice Woven Tracklist:
01. Born from the Serpent’s Eye
02. The Old Ones Are With Us
03. Angrboda
04. Mother Owl, Father Ocean
05. Fires Roar in the Palace of the Moon


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