Amazon scraps David O. Russell drama starring Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore

The $160 million drama was to be funded in part by The Weinstein Group

As the massive fallout from Harvey Weinstein’s deplorable sexual assaults continues to rock Hollywood, one of the most exciting upcoming projects that was to be produced by The Weinstein Company has been scrapped. David O. Russell’s and Amazon’s planned $160 million drama starring Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore will not be happening as Amazon Studios severs its ties with TWC.

Excitement was high for the still untitled drama from the American Hustle director, but without the extra funding TWC was going to provide, the production was simply too expensive. De Niro, Moore and Russell released a joint statement saying, “We support Amazon’s decision as in light of recent news and out of respect for all those affected we have decided together that it is best to not move forward with this show.”

Amazon Studios won’t be working with TWC going forward, but thankfully the studio plans to go ahead with The Romanoffs — an eight-episode anthology from Mad Men creator Matt Weiner — providing all the funding themselves. Amazon Studios released a statement, saying, “Amazon Studios no longer plans on moving forward with the David O.Russell project. As for The Romanoffs, Amazon intends to move forward without the involvement of The Weinstein Co.”

The cancelled show already cost Amazon around $40 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and comes at an unfortunate time for Amazon, who has been trying to find their own Game of Thrones-esque high prestige show. The Russell drama was reportedly already ordered for two seasons as well.

The hard hit to Amazon’s wallet and the creative loss of getting to see Moore and De Niro act under Russell’s direction are indicative of the kind of problems the Weinstein scandal has created for the film industry. Although he’d been on a bit of a cold streak by his standards, Harvey Weinstein and his company were so deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry that the reverberations of his sickening acts will be felt far and wide and affect quite a few projects going forward as industry insiders move to distance themselves from the fallen super producer.


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