Bob Weinstein opens up about his disgraced brother: “Harvey has no remorse whatsoever”

The younger Weinstein delves into what he knew about his brother's crimes in a candid new interview

Bob Weinstein has opened up about the horrific revelations swirling around his disgraced older brother Harvey in an incredibly candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Bob, who co-founded The Weinstein Group and ran Miramax with his brother Harvey, reveals what he knew about his brother’s behavior, the future of his company (despite rumors, it does not involve JAY-Z) and, shockingly, says that his brother feels no remorse for his crimes.

On what he knew about his brother’s behavior with women:

“For me, I thought he was literally just going out there cheating in a pervasive way. It wasn’t like he even had a mistress. It was one after another and that I was aware of. But as far as being in a room and hearing the description in The New York Times? No way. No fucking way was I aware that was the type of predator that he was. And the way he convinced people to do things? I thought they were all consensual situations… I find myself in a waking nightmare. My brother has caused unconscionable suffering. As a father of three girls I say this with every bone in my body — I am heartbroken for the women that he has harmed.”

On Harvey’s lack of remorse:

“It’s unbelievable that even to this moment he is more concerned with who sold him out. I don’t hear concern or contrition for the victims. And I want them to hear that. Harvey has no remorse whatsoever… This hurts, but I don’t feel an ounce of remorse coming from him, and that kills me too. When I heard his written, lame excuse… Not an excuse. When I heard his admission of feeling remorse for the victims and then him cavalierly, almost crazily saying he was going to go out and take on the NRA, it was so disturbing to me. It was utter insanity. My daughters all felt sick hearing this because we understood he felt nothing. I don’t feel he feels anything to this day. I don’t.”

Bob went to some lengths to distance himself from his brother. Their relationship has been famously intense over the decades, but had supposedly iced over in recent years over Harvey’s abusive behaviors towards Bob and the staff at The Weinstein Company, which fired Harvey last week.

“I divorced my brother five years ago. Literally. And those that know me personally in this company understood how I could not take being around him on any level,” Bob Weinstein said. “And certainly my daughters and my family knew it. I could not take his cheating, his lying and also his attitude toward everyone. I had to divorce myself to survive.

Despite all this, Bob denied the rumors that he’s the one who provided the New York Times with internal HR memos discussing some of Harvey’s reprehensible behavior, and then chillingly reiterated his belief that is brother feels no remorse for his crimes:

“That’s totally untrue. I could take a lie detector test on that. I didn’t and, you know, Harvey is suspicious of everybody. People that are liars — lying to his wife, to his children, to everyone — well, they have to turn around and say, “Who stabbed me?” It’s unbelievable that even to this moment he is more concerned with who sold him out. I don’t hear concern or contrition for the victims. And I want them to hear that. Harvey has no remorse whatsoever. I have spoken to him two times [since news broke], hoping to hear “Oh my God, what have I done?” I didn’t hear that.”

On what will become of Harvey:

“He lived for this business and he lived for the outside [persona]. There were no insides to this, as far as I can see. So unless there becomes an inner person inside there, I have no idea what he’ll do.”


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