Curb Your Enthusiasm producer says new season will feature “supersized” episodes

Producer Jeff Schaffer says Larry David had six years worth of ideas and was "sitting on a gold mine"

Curb Your Enthusiasm has returned after a six-year hiatus for its ninth season, with the season premiere airing on Sunday evening. While that episode, “Foisted!”, ran just under half-an-hour, executive producer Jeff Schaffer recently revealed a number of the season’s 10 episodes will be longer and “supersized,” including a finale with a running time is close to an hour.

The “denser” episode is a result of the stockpile of ideas show creator Larry David has been storing up during the show’s hiatus. At the Los Angeles Curb premiere, Schaffer spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about David’s creative process, which involved the comedic legend jotting down notes on experiences that have irked him over the past six years. “Larry is literally pulling out a big spiral notebook. He takes stuff from his little notebook and puts it in the big one, and we went through all of these stories,”Schaffer told THR. “There were so many. That’s why this season, he literally has just been sitting on this gold mine. Now he’s ready to share the gold… There is something that we do this year that Larry has tried to get on the show for three seasons.”

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Although David says he’s done at the end of each season of Curb, fans are hopeful this season won’t be the last. David has even said he won’t wait as long between seasons this time if the show does indeed return for a tenth outing. Schaffer also shed light a bit of light on the prospect of future seasons, adding, “The finale does end in a way where it could be the final Curb ever, because there’s always that chance — or not,” he said coyly. “It is one of the most ambitious things we’ve ever tried — and it worked! It is going to be a classic.”

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