Curb Your Enthusiasm responds to Steve Bannon’s praise: “No one wants to be the guy that made Hitler laugh”

Brietbart overload called Larry David a "genius" after being name-checked in a recent episode

It’s of course ironic that Steve Bannon rails against globalist Hollywood elite, because he himself falls into that very category. Prior to becoming Breitbart’s dark overlord, Bannon made a sizable profit as a producer of Seinfeld, and to this day he remains a fan of the show’s creator, Larry David.

In a recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bannon is name-checked during a sex scene between David and a Palestinian Chicken restauranteur named Shara. *Spoiler alert* After mocking Iran’s Ayatollah on national TV, David receives a death threat. He seeks Shara’s assistance and eventually they end up in bed. Shara demands him to blaspheme to her like he “blasphemed to the Nation of Islam!” and David responds by yelling the names of Trump’s cronies — including Bannon’s.

The Daily Beast reached out to Bannon to get his reaction and he responded by calling David a “genius.”

The Hollywood Reporter relayed Bannon’s reaction to Curb executive producer Jeff Schaffer, and he wasn’t exactly basking in the praise. “That is one fan I’d be very happy to lose,” Schaffer replied. “You want to be funny and you want to make sure everyone enjoys the show, but no one wants to be the guy that made Hitler laugh.”

Still, Schaffer did find an upside in having Bannon as a viewer: “It would make me happy if Bannon spent all of his time binge-watching Curb and doing nothing else — I’d recommend he go back and watch from season one,” he said.

For his part, David previously said he was sickened to learn of Bannon’s involvement in Seinfeld.


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