Father John Misty turns “Pure Comedy” into a southern jam called “Pure Country”: Stream

"Now libs and chuds each have their own version to weaponize"

Photo by Philip Cosores

If the political right had to pick a song to would epitomize the leftist views of the other side, they couldn’t be faulted for chosing a Father John Misty tune. Much of the indie favorite’s Pure Comedy might be read by a die hard conservative as the tenets of the anti-religious cucks known as libtards. But as FJM proves with quick twist of genre, even a harangue of a track like “Pure Comedy” can become an anthem for the right when sung as a country song.

Of course, the irony of the original doesn’t play quite the same when delivered in a southern whoop on what FJM has dubbed “Pure Country” — something he seems well aware of when he lets loose a chuckle halfway through. Then there’s that verse about the religious right being “obsessed with risen zombies, celestial virgins, magic tricks, these unbelievable outfits,” which doesn’t exactly translate to a country jam. Still, as Misty himself noted in the YouTube description for the alternate take, “Now libs and chuds each have their own version to weaponize.” Take a listen below.


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