Gal Gadot tries Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for the first time on Fallon: Watch

The most successful female superhero of all time has never mixed chocolate and peanut butter

Gal Gadot is still on a well-deserved victory lap after the massive success of Wonder Woman. She’ll make her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and equally exciting is the fact that thousands of little kids will be dressing as her superhero alter-ego for Halloween. Last night, she stopped by former SNL star Jimmy Fallon’s last night show to talk about both things.

It turns out Gadot’s five-year-old daughter, Alma, isn’t terribly impressed by the idea of dressing up as her mom for All Hallows’ Eve. (She’d rather be a zombie). Still, the young Israeli only moved to the States last year, so she’s still massively excited about the concept of a whole night where it’s okay to take candy from strangers. Especially because, as Gadot demonstrated, some of that candy might be completely new to her.

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The star shared an Israeli favorite with Fallon before the host introduced his guest to a classic confectionery she’d somehow never had: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. She said she’s a fan of both chocolate and peanut butter but somehow, at 32 years old, had avoided having the two together. Watch her reaction as she takes her first bite above (candy talk begins at the 4:03 mark).

Gadot will host the October 7th episode of SNL with musical guest Sam Smith.


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