High school students in China perfectly recreate La La Land’s opening scene: Watch

This. Is. Fantastic.

Well, this is amazing: Students at the Xiamen Foreign Language School, a secondary and senior high school in Xiamen, Fujian, China, have recreated La La Land’’s opening scene and performance of the song “Another Day of Sun” — and they absolutely crush it. The acting, singing choreography, direction and cinematography are all seriously on point in this incredibly fun video.

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The clip was co-directed by Jiang Ruiyang and Teng Yifei, who both graduated from Xiamen Foreign Language School in 2016, and features the school as its setting as opposed to film’s L.A. freeway. A bored girl suddenly stands in class and begins to belt out the song, with her classmates soon joyously following suit. The students then dance and sing their way through a truly impressive homage to the Oscar winner, adjusting the narrative for high school life. The internet has been letting humanity down a lot as of late (well, how humanity chooses to use the internet at least), but this glorious video is not one of those times. Relive the original scene below and someone get these kids agents.


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