Jonny Greenwood says Radiohead-Spongebob meme “is perfect in so many ways”

A viral video pairs each Radiohead album with a scene from Spongebob

Radiohead, recent 2018 Rock ‘n’ Hall of Fame nominees, have one of the most complex yet brilliant discographies under their belt. No two albums are alike, and critics often exhaust themselves while attempting to grasp and articulate the essence of every Radiohead album. It seems, however, that the impossible has finally been achieved — Radiohead has been explained in such a way we can all actually understand the enigmatic mind of Thom Yorke.

And we owe it all to SpongeBob Squarepants.

For the last few days, a video in which each Radiohead album is described by a Spongebob scene has been making the rounds online. The minute-long clip sees Pablo Honey matched up with a scene of SpongeBob playing campfire songs; The Bends associated with uncontrollable sobbing; and OK Computer characterized by a miserable office employee. Amnesiac is referenced in a scene that shows SpongeBob and Patrick contemplating free-form jazz, while a protest against Krusty Krab’s unfair business practices illustrates Hail to the Thief. The UK rockers’ latest LP, A Moon Shaped Pool, is embodied by moment in which Mr. Krabs plays the world’s tiniest violin for a sad Squidward.

As Stereogum points out, the clip’s prestige has been upped tenfold today, thanks to a cosign from Radiohead’s own Jonny Greenwood. On Twitter this afternoon, the guitarist posted a link to the video, calling it “perfect in so many ways.”

Check out the now-legendary Radiohead-SpongeBob visual up above.


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