King Krule’s new album The Ooz: Stream/download

The 19-track sophomore album is dark, rambling, and often brilliant

King Krule, the premiere moniker of UK weirdo Archy Marshall, is back today with its first new LP since 2013’s 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. The Ooz, which we quite like, comes to us courtesy of True Panther Sounds/XL and subscribers of Apple Music and Spotify can stream it below.

Though it’s his first King Krule release since 2013, Marshall has stayed busy with a number of side projects and a recent guest appearance on Mount Kimbie’s new record. A press release describes The Ooz as being filled with “piercing narratives and poetry that are both startlingly honest and brutally beautiful” while describing the artist as the “poet laureate for the dazed and confused generation.”

“Traveling so much, playing so much and being this character so much — it obscured me,” Marshall recently told the New York Times, addressing the gap in between his two King Krule releases. “I feel like I was too young and I went pretty headfirst into trying to carve a career out. It sounds cliché, but I kind of lost where I was coming from for a bit.”

He even mentions turning down an opportunity to collaborate with Kanye West, saying, “I like the physicality of living with someone, sleeping next to them, eating with them. And eventually we might make a tune, I’ve turned down so many opportunities where I could maybe be rich right now.”

“If you overdo it, people get sick of you,” he concludes. “I’ve just reveled in being kind of mysterious.”

The mystery grows deeper with The Ooz.

The Ooz Artwork:

The Ooz Tracklist:
01. Biscuit Town
02. The Locomotive
03. Dum Surfer
04. Slush Puppy
05. Bermondsey Bosom (Left)
06. Logos
07. Sublunary
08. Lonely Blue
09. Cadet Limbo
10. Emergency Blimp
11. Czech One
12. (A Slide In) New Drugs
13. Vidual
14. Bermondsey Bosom (Right)
15. Half Man Half Shark
16. The Cadet Leaps
17. The Ooz
18. Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)
19. La Lune



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