Moonlight director Barry Jenkins releases chopped and screwed Grizzly Bear album: Stream

Jenkins and DJ Candlestick remixed both Veckatimest and Painted Ruins in their entirety for the project

You can file this under things I never thought I’d write about in a million years: Barry Jenkins, the Oscar-winning director of Moonlight, has released a collaborative album with DJ Candlestick (of OG Ron C & the Chopstars) featuring chopped and screwed versions of Grizzly Bear songs. Jenkins and his DJ cohort remixed both 2009’s Veckatimest and this year’s Painted Ruins in their entirety for the project.

Grizzly Bear’s own Ed Droste was apparently as surprised as anyone by news of the project. He seemed beside himself with excitement when he tweeted, “Can’t believe the director of my favorite movie last year Moonlight did a full on chopnotslop remix of both Veck and Painted Ruins!!! ????????????.” Jenkins in turn responded, “yr music means the world to me.”

Take a listen to Jenkins and Candlestick’s surprise chopnotslop album below.

Of course, Jenkins is no stranger to the idea of chop and screw, as he included a remix of Jidenna’s “Classic Man” in a pivotal scene in the exceptional Moonlight. Check that out below.


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