Pink thinks “there’s still hope” for Trump even though he’s doing “a terrible job”

Predictably, things got pretty ugly on her Twitter feed

Photo by Philip Cosores

Believing in people’s ability to change and turn their life around is generally an honorable thing. But that sentiment rings a touch hollow when it’s applied it to a man using his position as the most powerful person on the planet to taunt our country into nuclear war. That goes double when you consider this is the same man who bragged about grabbing women without consent, repeatedly criticized peaceful protest, and equated Nazis to anti-white supremacy groups.

Pop singer Pink learned that the hard way last night when she sent this well-meaning tweet to President Trump last night.

Being that this is the Internet, Pink’s sentiment immediately branded her a Trump supporter by many on the Twitterverse. Of course, a cursory scan of her timeline reveals that the pop star has long been vocal about her displeasure with the current administration, but since when were people on the web anything but rash? A follow-up tweet made Pink’s stance even more clear.

As angry fans began piling on her, Pink clarified her initial tweet while defending herself.

Time and again we learn: Twitter is not the place for political discourse or nuanced expression.


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