Ryan Gosling is tormented by Avatar’s shitty papyrus font in amazing SNL sketch: Watch

Not everyone is looking forward to James Cameron's upcoming sequels

This week James Cameron began production on a series of sequels to his 2009 blockbuster Avatar. The plan is to film four movies in succession with the first sequel due for release in 2020. Fox has earmarked upwards of $1 billion for production of these films, and Ryan Gosling is hoping that at least some of that money goes toward coming up with a new logo.

One of the funnier sketches from tonight’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live involved a distraught Gosling agonizing over the usage of papyrus font for its logo. “Every day I wake up and remember that Avatar, a huge international blockbuster, used papyrus font for their logo and no one stopped them,” Gosling remarks. Replay the sketch above.


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