Saturday Night Live sketch echoes music fans by asking “Where’s Kanye?”: Watch

It was one of the better bits in an uneven episode hosted by Gal Gadot

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live was a notable one musically, with Sam Smith performing songs from his upcoming album and Jason Aldean offering a tribute to victims of last week’s Las Vegas shooting with a cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”. Gal Gadot hosted the proceedings, and while it was a spotty episode overall, the superhero shined in a sketch that found her playing a spacey Kendall Jenner.

That turn came in a sketch announcing a new suite of shows from E!, which featured Jenner and the Hadid sisters “complaining around a huge bowl of fruit” and the “background actors of Riverdale.” The real highlight, however, was Where’s Kanye?, a show all about how much he “doesn’t want to be associated” with the Kardashian’s TV empire. Watch the full sketch above.

It’s an especially apt sketch during a time when many are asking that very question. After being hospitalized late last year, the artist has remained more or less behind the scenes, whether that means holing up in the Wyoming mountains, collaborating with Kid Cudi in Japan, or filing $10 million lawsuits while picking fights with JAY-Z.


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