Sincere Engineer details the Origins of her new punk song “Shattering”: Stream

Chicago native turns to The Hold Steady and Protomartyr for creative sparks

Origins is a recurring new music feature in which an artist charts the influence of their latest hit single.

Having grown up deeply embedded in Chicago’s punk scene, it wasn’t long before Deanna Belos made her transition from diehard music fan and active community supporter to full-fledged musician. Inspired and encouraged by fellow fans and colleagues around her, Belos founded her own band in Sincere Engineer.

The group is now prepping to put out its debut album, Rhombithian, this week via Red Scare. Very much a product of Belos’ environment and experiences, the LP pools together elements of past and present Midwest-flavored punk and emo: It’s both literal and sentimental, reflective yet relatable. It’s also packaged neatly into two or three-minute bursts of driving guitars and yelp-worthy lyrics.

As a solid example of this, Sincere Engineer have shared the latest album track, “Shattering”. Here, Belos likens herself to “worn out bed sheets” and “an empty bottle shattering” at the bottom of Lake Michigan. Anthemic hooks, self-loathing lines, and Belos’ cathartic yell toward the song’s end make for a quick, hard-hitter you won’t soon forget.

Check it out below via its official video. Helmed with the help of Alex Zarek Art & Design, it sees Sincere Engineer rocking out inside a Chicago practice space.

Rhombithian, which features production from Matt Jordan (You Blew It!, Dowsing), officially arrives October 20th. Pre-order it here.

For this Origins installment, Belos takes Consequence of Sound through some of the songs that helped her write “Shattering”, including originals by The Hold Steady and Protomartyr.

The Hold Steady — “Stuck Between Stations”

I’ve always liked how The Hold Steady mentions the Mississippi River in some of their songs. It made me want to write a song that mentions Lake Michigan, because Chicago.

Protomartyr — “Clandestine Time”

The first lines in “Shattering” were inspired by a friend telling me a story about how he used to swim out to the middle of a lake when he was a kid. He’d swim out so far and get so tired that he’d scare himself. He got me into Protomartyr and this song reminds me of him. 🙂

Rapids — “Coroner Bar”

The idea for the end bit in “Shattering”, when I sing the word “shattering” a bunch, came to me when I was listening to one of my friend Mike’s solo records. I can’t remember which it was, so I’m picking my favorite song by my favorite project of his. This EP in its entirety was a staple during the year I started playing shows and writing more. Every once in a while I remind Mike that listening to it evokes every feeling (good and bad) I felt that entire year, and now it makes me nostalgic. This got a little weird. Sorry. Chicago Punk Legend Rob Kellenberger is also in this band. Rad!

Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds — “East St. Louis”

Had to pick something Brendan related on account that he’s my hero and all. One time I played a show at the L&L Tavern and he pulled me aside after my set and gave me some advice. There was a lot to it, and he was more eloquent than I’m making it seem, but it was something about using a lot of G and C chords. I drunkenly typed everything he said into a note in my phone. Not even sure if I got it all down correctly. Either way, this is one of several of my songs that resulted from that advice. Thanks, Bren. I chose this song because I like the harms at the end a lot.


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