Stevie Wonder kneels while performing The National Anthem: Watch

"Feel me, feel me, Mr. President."

In the great flag debate of 2017, Stevie Wonder kneels on the right side of history. During his recent performance at the Global Citizen Festival, the legendary musician took a “knee for America.” “But not just one knee — I’m taking both knees,” he explained. “Both knees in prayer for our planet, our future, our leaders of the world, and our globe. Amen.”

Wonder made a similar gesture while playing a closing concert at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas on Sunday night. This time, however, Wonder remained kneeled for several minutes as he performed The National Anthem.

“It is time for the leader of this nation, the leaders in the varied political positions that they hold, the people, we as artists—all of us come together as a united people of these United States of America,” Wonder told the gathered audience. “In the home of the United States, or the united people of America—not some but all. Feel me, feel me, Mr. President.”

Watch fan-captured footage below.


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