Sylvester Stallone will direct Creed sequel, starring Michael B. Jordan

It was previously announced that Stallone would be taking over writing duties as well

We already knew he was writing the screenplay (and bringing that bastard Ivan Drago back to life), but it now appears that Sylvester Stallone himself will be directing the sequel to 2015’s critically acclaimed Creed. Many hoped Ryan Coogler would return for the follow-up, but it appears his commitments to Black Panther and Wrong Answer are keeping him too busy.

Star Michael B. Jordan, however, will be returning as Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis. Stallone, who will also once again serve as producer, even posted an Instagram picture of the two together as a means of announcing his new gig:

Stallone’s clearly proven himself as both a writer and director, having written every Rocky film except for Creed and helmed four of them. Still, here’s hoping his omnipresence doesn’t result in Rocky eclipsing Adonis in the story, especially now that he has the taste of Academy gold in his mouth once again.


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