Top 10 Songs of the Month: MØ, St. Vincent, Future, and Young Thug

These songs will help get you through that long, barren winter that's just around the bend

It’s that strange time of year at Consequence of Sound. As fall winds continue to shift without warning, blowing us about Chicago like rag dolls and teasing winter, the pop-culture world actually turns far more predictable. Out roll the movies we’ve been anticipating all year (or at least have been told to) while, if forecasts hold true, album and song releases will continue to dwindle until we reach absolute zero – that point in December where we half-suspect nobody will ever leak a single or post an album stream again. It’s a bleak, near-certain future that makes it all the more important to be thankful for the delectable bounty of October: surprises dropping well ahead of Christmas, triumphant returns, and young artists staking their claims to that next echelon of stardom. This is the nourishment – the musical blubber – that’ll assure we make it through the long, cruel winter. So, dig in, and, by all means, make room for seconds and thirds.

–Matt Melis
Editorial Director


10. Tears for Fears – “I Love You But I’m Lost”

How many couples still “got it” after 13 years? The correct answer is “not many.” Apparently, Tears for Fears leaders Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith are the exception, as they proved this past month with their first song in that many years: “I Love You but I’m Lost”. The first of two new songs that spearhead their forthcoming greatest hits collection, Rule the World, the track actually sounds a little like Parisian rockers Phoenix. But that’s like saying The Beatles’ “Real Love” sounds like an ELO anthem. These guys were first, and it feels good to have these guys back. That chorus is vintage Tears for Fears, packing all the bruising emotional oomph that made the English pop juggernauts so essential in the ’80s. Call us crazy, but we’re actually excited for a greatest hits album in 2017. Alas, we live in a mad world. –Michael Roffman 



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