Ty Segall’s wife, Denée Segall, takes lead on his new single, “Meaning”: Stream

Another thrasher to urge a "jailbreak from the self-imposed thought prison we've all been raised in"

Photo by Colin McLaughlin

The ever-productive Ty Segall is back with another new single. Entitled “Meaning”, the track half saunters, half stumbles in on danceable percussion before zaps of guitars break the scene. It takes over a full minute for the song to really arrive, taking a sudden left turn into a pure thrasher. Segall himself stays away from the mic this time, giving the lead over to his wife/frequent bandmate/photographer, Denée Segall. “I sense fear in freedom/ I see judgement in your eyes,” she screams. “And when you say you know/ I’ll say, NO!”

Take a listen below.

“Meaning” continues a 2017 that has seen Segall release a self-titled LP, a 7-inch entitled Sentimental Goblin, the Fried Shallots EP benefitting the ACLU, and “Alta”, which was recorded with Steve Albini. Oh, he also played a rock-and-roll animated squirrel on an HBO show, so there’s that too.


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