Tove Lo shares her new album, Blue Lips, the companion LP to last year’s Lady Wood: Stream

You've heard "Disco Tits", now hear the rest


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Today marks the release of Tove Lo’s new album, Blue Lips [Lady Wood Phase II]. Subscribers of Apple Music and Spotify can stream below.

The pop star’s third LP, Blue Lips is designed to be a companion piece to last year’s Lady Wood. Tove Lo says that, together, the albums tell the “Lady Wood Story.” Spread across two “chapters”—”Light Beam” and “Pitch Black”— the new album is said to describe the “highs, lows and ultimate demise of a relationship.” Also part of the albums’ collective story arc are a pair of short films, Fairy Dust and Fire Fade, that mark Tove Lo’s acting debut.

“It has more of that feeling of never really feeling satisfied and chasing that direction,” she told NME of the albums. “Calling the first one Lady Wood and then following it up with Blue Lips, it’s the female version of ‘blue balls’. In a deeper sense it’s all about trying to reach satisfaction – I don’t just mean sexually, I mean for life overall.”

“I think sonically, I’ve been a bit more free this time,” she continued. “I’ve been playing with sounds that I haven’t explored before. On this record, I decided to have my first ballad. I wanted to get into the different types of pop that I didn’t on Lady Wood. That was cohesively more together, but this one goes in more different directions on purpose.”

In advance of the album, Tove Lo dropped “Disco Tits”, for which she released an amazing, NSFW video in which she fucks a puppet. Earlier this week, she performed the song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Blue Lips [Lady Wood Phase II] Artwork:

blue lips Tove Lo shares her new album, Blue Lips, the companion LP to last years Lady Wood: Stream

Blue Lips [Lady Wood Phase II] Tracklist:
Light Beams (part one):
01. disco tits
02. shedontknowbutsheknows
03. shivering gold
04. dont ask dont tell
05. stranger
06. bitches

Pitch Black (part two):
01. romantics (featuring Daye)
02. cycles
03. struggle
04. 9th of october
05. bad days
06. hey you got drugs?