Bryan Singer is open to working with Kevin Spacey in the future

Famed director said he'd team up with fellow alleged sexual assaulter depending on the project


    Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey in the 1990s

    Last night, a new lawsuit alleging that Bryan Singer had sexually assaulted a 17-year-old boy surfaced. The incident in question allegedly took place at a yacht party in 2003 when Singer was in his late 30s, but the director has since denied these claims.

    Now, in a new interview with TMZ, Singer — for whatever bizarre reason — thought it was wise to weigh in on one of Hollywood’s other alleged sexual assaulters: Kevin Spacey. Specifically, Singer addressed actor Gabriel Byrne’s comments that production on The Usual Suspects, which Singer directed, was temporary halted because of Spacey’s ongoing involvement in sexual misconduct.

    As The Playlist points out, not only does Singer refute the production shutdown rumors, but goes on to say that “Kevin was a real good support system” during the time of the filming — a puzzling statement that suggests the shoot was dealing with another set of problems. What perhaps was most baffling about the interview, however, is the moment when Singer hints that he’d actually be open to working with Spacey again. When asked about a prospective collaboration, Singer said, “It depends on the project, I guess,” or whether Spacey would be able to pull off a comeback.


    Elsewhere in the TMZ chat, Singer maintains that he was unfairly fired from the Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, and that he was truly absent from the set because of an ailing parent. The studio cited his abrasive behavior toward the film’s cast and crew as the reason for his dismissal.

    Watch the interview clip up above.

    As for Spacey, Netflix has severed all ties with the actor following even more sexual misconduct allegations from House of Cards employees. The series will resume production next year with Robin Wright as lead actor.

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