Hiss Golden Messenger performs “Domino (Time Will Tell)” on Seth Meyers: Watch

A televised appearance in support of this fall's Hallelujah Anyhow

For such a prolific artist, Hiss Golden Messenger sure don’t make many late night stops. Even though they’ve toured heavily behind two albums over the last two years — Heart Like a Levee and the more recent Hallelujah Anyhow — M.C. Taylor’s indie folk outfit hasn’t appeared on TV since 2014. That made last night’s performance on Seth Meyers all the more special.

Taylor led his 10-piece band in a rendition of “Domino (Time Will Tell)”, one of the early singles from Hallelujah. A swinging, soulful song, it made for a perfect late night showcase for the band. Taylor may be the centerpiece of Hiss Golden Messenger, but the performance did well to highlight everyone else, from the horns to the backup singers to — perhaps especially — Phil Cook on piano. Check out the replay above.


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