Morrissey attempts to clean up recent comments on Donald Trump and Kevin Spacey

"Would I support sexual harassment? No, never"


    In recent weeks, legendary musician/shit-stirrer Morrissey has offered up some soundbites that, in the context of our world’s current discourse regarding sexual assault, were a bit ghoulish. “Some people are very awkward when it comes to romance,” he told Der Spiegel in regards to particular men accused of sexual assault. He expressed a similar sentiment in an interview with The Times, calling what women perceive as sexual harassment merely a “a pathetic attempt at courtship.” He was also quoted as saying he’d kill Donald Trump “for the safety of humanity.”

    Now, in a lengthy Facebook posting titled, “The Slander System,” the singer has sought to clarify, in the most simple words, his stances on the myriad topics on which he’s been asked of late. He writes:

    “Would I kill Donald Trump? No, never.

    Would I support Kevin Spacey’s private proclivities? No, never.

    Would I ever support abuse of children? No, never.

    Would I support sexual harassment? No, never.

    Would I support rape? No, never.

    Would Der Spiegel convey my views fairly? No, never.

    Would I ever again speak to print media? No, never.”

    Morrissey also claims he’ll never speak to print media again, decrying print media as being “infatuated with their own reflection and do not want yours.”

    Read his full statement below, which he likely wrote while not performing at one of the several live performances he’s postponed or canceled over the last week.

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