Snack Alert: Regal movie theaters to start serving Cheetos-dusted popcorn this Friday

Two words: Orange fingers


    Photo: Frito-Lay

    While some movie theaters are working to entice moviegoers with gourmet small plates, truffle flavoring, and craft cocktails, others are leaning in the opposite direction. Regal Cinemas, it appears, will now just dust some popcorn with Cheetos dust. In a move that should confuse the senses that much more, they’ll be serving this hybrid snack in the same 32 oz. cups that serve as vessels for ungodly amounts of soda.

    The cheesy popcorn will be supplemented by actual Cheetos, which sounds delicious if lacking in a sweet component. Might we recommend dumping some Whoppers or a bag of Reese’s Pieces into the concoction? Go big or go home, right?

    Regal Cinemas will begin serving the snack starting this Friday, December 15th. For the sake of the staff, we’re hoping those thick, orange smears are easy to clean off the upholstery.

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