Former Community writer Megan Ganz calls out Dan Harmon for workplace misconduct

Harmon responded with an apology that obliquely refers to “lines I crossed” and “a lot of foggy memories about abusing my position"


Photo by Daniel Bergeron

Prior to ringing in the New Year, Community and Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon acknowledged the systemic problem of sexual harassment in Hollywood and beyond by tweeting, “This was truly the Year of the Asshole. Myself included. We don’t have to make 2018 the Year of the Mensch but I hope it can be the Year of the Not as Much of an Asshole. #RealisticGoals.” The vague apology seemed like an opaque admission of guilt, and on Tuesday morning, a former co-worker forced the notoriously difficult showrunner to be more forthcoming.

Sitcom writer Megan Ganz, who worked under Harmon on Community, quote-tweeted his apology and asked if he would “care to be more specific.” Harmon responded with an apology that obliquely refers to “lines I crossed” and “a lot of foggy memories about abusing my position.”

In turn, Ganz implied some form of workplace harassment, writing that it took her “years to believe in my talents again, to trust a boss when he complimented me and not cringe when he asked for my number.”

Harmon responded again with a more specific apology, sharing that he’s made an effort to improve his workplace by keeping “a wall between me and coworkers… because of how I treated you.”

Ganz then offered up some advice while further implying misconduct on Harmon’s part. While pointing out walls aren’t the answer, she added, “It’s good to recognize power dynamics, but it’s also good to recognize you’re no different from those you employ… Isolation isn’t always best. Connection breeds empathy. Empathy allows growth.”

He also offered to publicly make amends through a method of her choosing, but Ganz ended the discussion by stating that she appreciates “your attempts to make amends and your acknowledgement of fault.”

As SPIN points out, Ganz alluded to issues between the two after moving on to write for Modern Family when she told Splitsider, “I hope a few years from now that I can start talking to Dan again and have there not be any weird feelings.”

Check out the exchange below.