Let’s try to guess the A-list rock band supposedly recording a reunion album

A curious blind item appears on the anonymous gossip site Crazy Days and Nights


    A curious blind item appearing on the anonymous gossip site Crazy Days and Nights involves a certain A-list rock band who is said to be recording a new record with its original lineup.

    Here it is in full:

    “This permanent A list rock group has apparently agreed to do something they said they’d never, ever do. Make another record with (most of) the original lineup. They just signed a deal with one of the top five most famous producers of all time to take the helm of the project. Among his stipulations was that every member of the band cede control to the producer, and if any single one member of the band departs or screws up? It is over. According to one member, no more half-hearted collaborative efforts for that band. At this point, why would they even try? Aside from the expense of paying off past lawsuits and alimony, they want the money. Apparently all that recent concert money they’ve recently earned has reminded them they were once that good. This should be interesting.”

    Understandably, many people have guessed Guns N’ Roses, whose reunion *remarkably* has yet to veer off the tracks. They finished up their latest North American tour in November and aren’t due to return to the road until June. Perhaps they’re using that downtime to record a new album? To add to the theory, as recently as this past July, guitarist Richard Fortus spoke of GNR’s desire to hit the studio and record new music.

    What say you?

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