Sigur Rós contribute two new songs to Black Mirror: Stream

Sigur Rós collaborator Alex Somers helmed the soundtrack


    Photo by Nina Corcoran

    If some of the music playing beneath Black Mirror’s “Hang the DJ” episode sounded recognizably ethereal, that’s because they came from the Icelandic dream weavers of Sigur Rós. Alex Somers, a frequent collaborator of the band’s frontman, Jónsi, helmed the episode’s soundtrack and culled two new songs from the outfit.

    The first, “Match”, is an ambient track that begins with a rich, sumptuous strain that eventually gives way to something much more ominous. At nearly five minutes, “End” is the soundtrack’s longest song, a patient, peripatetic one that culminates with a rousing bout of percussion and Jónsi’s effervescent vocals. Listen to both tracks below.

    In November, Sigur Rós announced a series of exclusive, limited edition vinyl releases, which included a compilation of unreleased solo electronic recordings from Jónsi.

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