Guided By Voices preview new album with “That’s Good”: Stream

Space Gun lands in stores next month

Guided By Voices
Guided By Voices

    Space Gun is the new album from Guided By Voices, due out for release on March 23rd. The 15-track effort follows the band’s pair of 2017 records, August By Cake (also their first-ever double album) and How Do You Spell Heaven. It’s said to be “the fullest realization of [Robert] Pollard’s song talents” and came as a result of GBV’s August By Cake tour, which featured them equipped with an all-new lineup.

    After teasing with the title track back in December, the group is back today with “That’s Good”. A mellow, almost hazy, listen, it sounds like what I’d imagine free-falling through space would feel like. Speaking with TIDAL, where the song debuted, Pollard talked about GBV’s fascination with the intergalactic:

    “Well, I’m into futurist-retro imagery. Past, present, future. Things being cyclic. I’m into the concept of reincarnation, and it’s possible that we all live on other planets and maybe all of them, but in a different dimension. That’s why we don’t detect life on other planets because we don’t see any, but it’s maybe because it’s in a different dimension and living various lives on different planets may be part of the educational process in the evolution of souls and the progress of all living and non-living beings. Earth may be the bottom level. I like living on Earth, but it’s terrifying. It’s a big, scary school. Perhaps Venus is better. Isn’t it the planet of love? Who knows?”


    Hear “That’s Good” down below.

    In the same interview with TIDAL, Pollard hinted that even more new material is on the way. “We will have a double album in the can by the time Space Gun comes out, but we won’t release it until 2019.” Keep it coming, boys.

    Space Gun Tracklist:
    01. Space Gun
    02. Colonel Paper
    03. King Flute
    04. Ark Technican
    05. See My Field
    06. Liar’s Box
    07. Blink Bank
    08. Daily Get Ups
    09. Hudson Rake
    10. Sport Component National
    11. I Love Kangaroos
    12. Grey Spat Matters
    13. That’s Good
    14. Flight Advantage
    15. Evolution Circus

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