Mick Jenkins releases or more… the frustration EP: Stream

Chicago rapper continues to roll out more of his music series

Mick Jenkins, photo by Ben Kaye

In November, Mick Jenkins introduced the world to or more, his new music series. “Or More is a project series involving musical ideas and concepts that are currently inspiring the album’s creation process,” the Chicago rapper explained in a statement.

“As creatives we live in a world of time constraints imposed by illusive industry standards, anxious demands of appreciators, or even our own self reflections. #OrMore is a smaller context of this larger pool of thoughts.. a world of exploration removed from the confines of a particular method. Its my way of sharing the beauty in Indecisiveness. Sometimes we have to make music to locate the true music within our being,” he added.

The first installment was or more; the anxious. Today, he’s returned with the second, or more… the frustration. The collection spans eight tracks, including songs titled “Go Time”, “Walk Different”, “Same Old”, and the curiously dubbed “Earl Sweatshirt type beat”. Most of the production is handled by past collaborator Thempeople with additional contributions from ENG Creation and Mistermojo.

The or more series follows Jenkins’ acclaimed debut album, 2016’s The Healing Component, in addition to one-off tracks like “Pressed For Time (Crossed My Mind)” and “Vampire in Brooklyn”.

Stream the entirety of or more… the frustration below.

or more… the frustration Artwork:

or more… the frustration Tracklist:
01. Go Time
02. Same Old
03. Rags
04. Cry If You Want (FYP)
05. 6AM Matinee
06. Earl Sweatshirt type beat
07. Walk Different
08. Blessed Assurance feat. Sean Deaux


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